The MMS™ Newsletters document some of the history that was ongoing as MMS became the first power plant modular modeling system, including the dynamic modeling of fossil plants; and also the first PC-based graphical modeler, now in its third generation—the second generation using Microsoft Windows.

Many of the MMS™ users have asked for copies of these newsletters, so they are reproduced to satisfy reader interest, but do not represent the many advances that have been incorporated into MMS and the associated programs since their original release. Enjoy!

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 1 No. 1 

  • MMS™ User Group Conducts First Meeting

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 1 No. 2 

  • EPRI Completes Development of Air/Gas Dynamics
  • Extended Range Features Implemented

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 1 No. 3 

  • Verification of Heater Drain System Model a Success
  • Colorado-Ute Circulating Fluidized Bed BOP Model Developed

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 1 No. 4 

  • Error Handling Routines Developed for MMS™
  • Niagara Mohawk Completes Water Air Heater Expansion Study

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 2 No. 1 

  • UP&L Solves Problem at Gadsby Plant

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 2 No. 2 

  • B&W Investigates Improved Heat Transfer Formulations

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 2 No. 3 

  • Detroit Edison Investigates Waterhammer Capabilities of MMS™
  • Two-Phase OTSG Module Benchmarked
MMS™ Newsletter Volume 2 No. 4 

  • Use of MMS™ to Teach Transient Analysis at Pennsylvania State University
  • Philadelphia Electric Looks at Waterhammer in Feedwater Systems
  • MMS™ Model of B&W Nuclear Plant Completed

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 3 No. 1 

  • Penn State Developing a Real-Time Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Using MMS™ and The IBM ACS
  • MMS Used to Solve Steam Temperature Problem
  • Tips on Specifying Communication Interval for ACSL

MMS™ Newsletter Volume 4 No. 1 

  • Fossil Plant Model at Detroit Edison
  • Penn State’s Use of MMS™ Helps Obtain 2 Major Grants
  • Tech Tips – Algebraic Loops

MMS™ Newsletter September 1991 

  • Improved BWRX Module

MMS™ Newsletter March 1992 

  • MMS™ for Windows
  • Using GTURB Module for Jiangbei Power Plant – a Success
  • MMS™ Shakes Hands with Foxboro