PlantSim was developed in 2003 in an effort to bring the power of full scope training simulators to those customers who may not have the budget for a plant specific simulator.

Generic Training simulators

nHance has delivered many full-scope high-fidelity training simulators that have been designed to match the process dynamics for specific fossil plant designs. There are many operational similarities among these plants, and a great deal of training value can be achieved without going to the expense of developing a plant-specific simulator. nHance  offers a full-scope, high fidelity training simulator in the form of an inexpensive generic training simulator.

The following PlantSim models are available:

PlantSim 4

PlantSim 4 is a 750MW GE Turbine, B&W Natural Circulation Boiler, 2 FD, 4 ID,  2 PA, 1 Gas Recirc Fan, 6 Coal Mills.

PlantSim 2

PlantSim 2 is a 500MW GE Turbine, CE Forced Circulation Boiler, 2FD, 2ID fans, 5 Coal Mills.

PlantSim 1

PlantSim 1 is a 500MW GE Turbine, CE Forced Circulation Boiler, 2FD and 1 Gas Recirc fans, Oil / Gas Tangential fired furnace.


All PlantSim models can be distributed on a network of PCs to simulate the control room environment or all of the functions can be combined onto a single laptop PC for convenient individualize training. In addition to the dynamic plant process model, the PlantSim product includes the following:

  • Instructor Station – Simulator runtime executive and trending graphics used to control the simulator events and observe the training session.
  • Operator Station – Trainee interface to the simulator using emulated graphics for the DCS operator stations that mimics the plant control room.

The model is supplied with a complete set of initial condition (ICs) files and malfunctions with plant startup and shutdown instructions

Options to Customize Generic Simulators

In addition to generic simulators, nHance offers low-cost customization options that can alter a generic simulator to a training simulator that is more like your own plant.

More Information may be downloaded from the PlantSim Papers section on this page

Pricing Options

The PlantSim generic training simulator software is offered for two basic hardware configurations.

Single PC

The “Single PC” version combines the process model, instructor station, and HMI displays all on one PC (including suitably configured laptops)

PC Network

The “PC Network” version allows these functions to be distributed across a network that can better recreate the “look and feel” of a control room.

Both options include 90 days of user support, longer term support is available.

A site license can be purchased which permits any combination of Single PC or PC Network version for the staff of a plant site. Contact us for more information on pricing options.

Optional Training and Installation Choices

Model-Use Training at nHance facilities: $500/day/trainee
Client-Site Training and Installation: 800/day + travel, living expenses

Add Computer Hardware to PlantSim Software

Request nHance to install PlantSim on new PC hardware and ship to your site, just specify the number of PCs wanted and their functions in the network, e.g. 4 operator stations with touch-screen monitors, instructor station, and process model PC, and nHance will be pleased to provide you a “ready-to-operate” full-scope simulator.

Access PlantSim over the Internet

Contact nHance regarding weekly/monthly rates for broadband Internet access to PlantSim – particularly suitable for scheduled training programs without the permanent investment in hardware and software.