Plant simulator with nHance’s emulated HMIs and emulated hard-panels displayed on PC monitors 
nHance process models can interface with either emulated operator stations or a control vendor’s operator station (often referred to as a “partially stimulated” simulator; an interface with a complete replica of the plant’s control system would be called a “fully stimulated” simulator).nHance’s simulation products embrace the open-system philosophy with third-party software/hardware and support OPC and various communication protocols. This flexibility expedites connecting interfaces for “hardware-in-the-loop” control hardware and the associated control logic, where the process model is used to stimulate the control hardware and associated control logic.

nHance’s emulation of hard-panels and hundreds of HMI displays (frequently associated with large plants) provides the precise “look and feel” of a conventional plant control room for quality training. These emulations are displayed on PC monitors and are controlled by touch-screen, mice, or other pointing devices. The data communications are handled by nHance’s HMI Manager, which not only supports communication with MMS process models, but also communications with processes models from other simulation suppliers.