nHance Technologies has been delivering Full-scope, custom turnkey simulators since 2003. We use the Modular Modeling System (MMS™) and MMS™ Simulation Tools.

We deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. To do this we focus on designing each simulator to fit your training budget while offering the best “Training Value”. Training value, simply defined, is “maximizing the increase of operator skills per training dollar spent”.  Besides the initial purchase price and Instructor training, we are dedicated to provide the best support possible.


We take great care in considering the best ways to improve your training efficiency while keeping your simulator up to date and effectively moving forward.

  • All of our support professionals are in the same location, to maximize response to even the most difficult challenges.
  • We offer nCloud and Web based support options.  These options are designed to provide quick turnaround to support requests.  A dedicated support page and nCloud storage can be established to isolate your simulation solution in a secure location.  This setup allows on-site training personnel to collaborate with nHance technical support experts to resolve issues quickly.
  • Affordable Maintenance Options: $15-$30k / year customized maintenance plans
  • Long term view of support: 10 years from now, your simulator will be up to date with the plant — typically at a lower total cost than our competitors up-front price