In addition to PlantSim¬†generic simulators, nHance offers low-cost customization options that can alter a generic simulator to a training simulator that is more like your own plant. nHance does offer assistance in developing training simulators that best fit the needs of the client, ranging from generic simulators to turnkey plant-specific training simulators. nHance’s expert staff can provide the customization or the client can use nHance’s simulator tools to perform the adaptation of a generic simulator.

Generic simulator customization options may include modifications to the operational parameters, process model scope, replacing the emulated DCS with a different DCS emulation or set of HMI graphics, replacing control functions with emulated hard panel controls, and many other alternatives are available. These tools capture the “look and feel” of the actual display/input devices while operating on cost-effective PCs using Windows NT/2000/XP. In addition, they provide the ultimate efficiency for interacting with the simulator’s plant model in terms of instructor features such as snapshot, run, freeze, save, initialization, backtrack, and time scaling (i.e. faster than real-time).