The Power Plant Fundamentals series provides a basic understanding of power plants by presenting an overview of what they do and how they work. While the Power Plant Fundamentals series primarily focuses on coal fueled power plants, other plant types are introduced and the shared characteristics are applicable to virtually all types of power plants. Interactive illustrations, various widgets, and section reviews are used throughout the series to provide a memorable, interactive, and user-friendly experience.

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Power Plant Fundamentals on the App Store


Custom Ebooks

nHance Technologies offers a customization service where the basic background material on an ebook can be supplemented with detailed plant specific information creating a fully interactive, searchable training supplement. The interactive widgets can be customized for each plant and videos can be embedded directly into the ebook. This offers a new, and surprisingly cost-effective way to provide training and reference material that is natural and preferred by the younger generation of power plant employees. nHance Technologies can provide a customized ebook that not only tells plant personnel how a task is performed, but shows them how to do it! Custom ebooks can be developed for:

  • Plant Procedures
  • Training Supplement
  • Control Room Operator Reference Material
  • Maintenance Manuals

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