nHance has created several apps for various power plant-related purposes.



nH2O is a water property calculator that allows users to calculate various thermodynamic properties of steam and water. nH2O is based upon the Modular Modeling System (MMS) steam property library which is composed of a set of routines some polynomials and some table interpolations of the thermodynamic properties of steam and water.










SyncGen is a hard panel simulation that allows users to practice synchronizing a generator. It includes a synchroscope, generator breaker, turbine with speed control, voltage regulator, and turbine trip push buttons. It contains a realistic dynamic turbine speed simulation and is configurable to match various power plant settings throughout the world.

A synchroscope is typically used to synchronize a power station generator to a distribution grid. The goal is to close the generator breaker while the voltage, phase angle, and frequency of the generator are matched to the power distribution grid. This training app can be used to demonstrate the sychronization process for power plant personnel and contains brief system descriptions and embedded help to facilitate self-study. SyncGen is intended for power plant personnel, utility grid students or other individuals seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of power plant turbine/generator operation.








Custom mobile solutions can also be developed, such as nPlantStatus.

nPlantStatus is an app that allows you to receive up to the minute updates on your plant’s stats from your iPhone and iPad, so you know what’s going on anytime, anywhere.

Learn more at nplantstatus.com