Smartphone technology has many promising applications for power plants, and nHance is at the forefront in delivering applications to streamline plant information as well as demonstrating the basic principles of power plant operation.  Demos of these applications can be found on Apple’s App Store.


nHance has created several apps for various power plant-related purposes. nH2O is a water property calculator that allows users to calculate various thermodynamic properties of steam and water, and SyncGen is a hard panel simulation that allows users to practice synchronizing a generator. These are both available in the App Store, but custom mobile solutions can also be developed, such as nPlantStatus.


PrintPower Plant Fundamentals

The Power Plant Fundamentals series provides a basic understanding of power plants by presenting an overview of what they do and how they work. While the Power Plant Fundamentals series primarily focuses on coal fueled power plants, other plant types are introduced and the shared characteristics are applicable to virtually all types of power plants. Interactive illustrations, various widgets, and section reviews are used throughout the series to provide a memorable, interactive, and user-friendly experience.