MMS Comp-Gen™ allows MMS users to modify or develop MMS modules and seamlessly integrate the new modules into the MMS. This capability permits maximum user flexibility for customizing the MMS to meet specific requirements, as may occur when there is a need to simulate a unique component or design that is not in the current MMS library of pre-engineered and programmed modules. MMS Comp-Gen™ allows users to create their own libraries of code based upon their proprietary technology or to create MMS modules based upon existing code and integrate them into the MMS environment.
MMS Comp-Gen™ simplifies the creation of components by providing:

  • Drawing tools for creating module icons
  • Annotation text placement
  • Worksheet with complete variable editing
  • Port connection relationship definitions
  • Simulation language and auto-parameterization (AP) code editing
  • Template generation wizard for starting simulation language and AP coding
  • Integrated Microsoft Visual C++ building of the AP code
  • On-screen help
MMS Comp-Gen™ provides the ability to easily develop new or customized modules for use in the MMS Model Builder. Customizing the existing module library is straightforward: users can simply open an existing module, customize it, and save the module with a different name.