Dynamic Simulation Products

There are two major uses of Dynamic Simulation. This product line is for those users using Dynamic Simulation for engineering analysis.

nHance Technologies supplies the industry with cost-saving Windows™ PC-based dynamic process simulation, DCS control logic and human machine interface (HMI) emulation, and advanced simulator tools for operator training, engineering & control system analysis, and training simulator upgrades.

Control System Simulation

Simulation of control systems in power plants can be achieved in a variety of ways. Depending on the control system and cost constraints, nHance Technologies offers multiple solutions, including functional emulation, a virtual package, and simulation. In most cases, the control logic and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) can be a mixture of these categories.

Instructor and Operator Stations

Most real-time training simulators allow an instructor to control the training simulator’s basic functions such as run, freeze, initialization, snapshot, backtrack, time scaling, real-time variable trending, and invocation of malfunctions and scenarios. These functions are typically collectively referred to as instructor station features and are usually performed on a dedicated computer called the “Instructor Station.” nHance Technologies has extended this basic concept to advance the instructor’s capabilities, productivity, and flexibility by providing the instructor with the ability to easily and quickly modify scenarios and malfunctions without programming changes, recompiling the model, or without requiring detailed knowledge of the simulator model.

Instructor Station — Simulator runtime executive and trending graphics.

Operator Station — Trainee interface to operating simulator.

Modular Modeling System (MMS)

The Modular Modeling System (MMS™), first released in 1984, was the first dynamic modeling system designed for rapid simulation of power plants by using pre-engineered components called Modules. Now in our seventh major release, MMS™ Version 7 is an extremely effective, dynamic simulation software package with proven applications throughout the world.