nHance Technologies developed a virtual emulation of the Woodward control system for Woodward called NetSim.  Today, NetSim is sold and marketed by Woodward, but nHance continues to maintain and support NetSim along and is a Woodward OEM Reseller of NetSim and related products.  Please Contact us for any simulation project that uses Woodward Control systems, to obtain a cost effective quotation for using a Woodward Supported product.

Internally, Woodward uses NetSim to test the control applications they develop, and because it’s used by Woodward, it’s kept up to date with every release of Woodward’s Coder software.  This, combined with it’s low cost, means there’s no excuse to not use NetSim on your simulation project.

More information on NetSim can be found on Woodward’s website.

NetSim software can be activated here.