nHance Technologies has diverse experience on projects with companies around the world.


nHance has supplied full-scope training simulators, extensive support for other firms in the development and delivery of training simulators, developed and delivered engineering and testing simulators for OEMs, provided in-depth reviews of plant engineering models, performed engineering analysis for a variety of applications, and has sold its simulation tools to firms worldwide since 1984. Some long-term customers with training simulator applications are:
Progress Energy
Operator Training Simulators for:

  • Crystal River 4/5
  • Crystal River 1/2
  • Anclote

DCS HMI, hard panel emulation and Instructor Stations for:

  • Mayo
  • Roxboro
  • Sutton
  • Lee
  • Robinson
  • Cape Fear
  • Asheville
Chubu Electric (Japan)
Once-through Boiler training simulators with emulated Bailey DCS for the following plants:

  • West Nagoya #5,
  • Atsumi #3,
  • Owase-Mita #3,
  • Chita #2 (700MW once-through with 154 MW Gas turbine repower system)

Tri-State G&T

  • Honeywell DCS HMI emulation, Instructor Station, data and alarm communications for the Craig station training simulator

PSE&G Bergen Plant

  • Westinghouse turbine 4 train gas-turbine Combined Cycle Training Simulator
  • TDC3000 & WDPF control logic and HMI emulation
Woodward Governor Co.

  • Engineering/training simulators – steam/gas turbine operation
  • OEM applications
  • WGC offices worldwide

Nuclear Simulator Upgrades

Modular Modeling System (MMS)