nHance Technologies (nHance) is a pioneer in dynamic simulation and engineering systems analysis. Our Modular Modeling System MMS™, first released in 1984, paved the way for dynamic simulation worldwide and is currently in use by engineering firms and power plant utilities in over 18 countries.nHance was formed in 2001 when a major US Nuclear Power vendor divested their simulation services business unit. The nHance résumé includes development of a wide range of full scope custom power plant simulators and a series of generic operator training simulators called PlantSim ™.  Our line of products extends beyond the PC market with numerous mobile applications, most recently a series of interactive ebooks entitled Power Plant Fundamentals .

nHance proudly celebrates our 30+ year history in dynamic simulation. During this time, our staff has achieved many “firsts” in power plant simulation, including:


  • 1983 – First library based modeling system
  • 1985 – First graphical model builder
  • 1990 – First PC based Nuclear Power Plant Simulator (PowerMaster™)
  • 1993 – First dynamic power plant simulation to use the Windows™ operating system
  • 1993 – First fully automated (no human intervention)DCS HMI Translators
  • 1994 – First Windows™ based Operator Training Simulator (OTS)
  • 1996 – First Simulator Instructor Station that requires no programming to add/edit malfunctions
  • 2009 – First Simulation Vendor to offer cloud based software installation and maintenance
  • 2010 – First IOS™ application (nH2O™)
  • 2011 – First IOS™ based Instructor Station
  • 2012 – First Visual Basic based HMI Development tool that requires NO programming (HMI Kit™)
  • 2013 – First Interactive e-book for Power Plant Fundamentals

nAbout1Please contact us if you have questions about any of our products, or if you need information on how we can create a customized power plant training solution that fits your budget.

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