nHance Technologies is proud to announce the release of MMS 7.2 with exciting new features to assist the development and deployment of dynamic simulations.


MMS (Modular Modeling System) is a software package capable of simulating power plant systems for operator training, dynamic control system validation, or engineering analysis.   Engineers of varying disciplines as well as power plant personnel use the MMS Model builder, a Windows-based Graphical User Interface tool to build a power plant simulation. Maintenance, support, and upgrades to the entire suite of MMS software are provided for free to all members of the MMS Professionals Program and available for a fee to other users.

The latest release of MMS incorporates new features, new modules, and several bug fixes. One of the most exciting new features for the MMS Simulation Tools users is the Smart IC Tool, which is capable of restoring Initial Condition (IC) data image files between different model revisions. The Smart IC Tool has an easy-to-use interface and provides utility features, such as modifying variable values in an IC without loading it. This is useful in cases where tuning is required among a vast number of IC files. This tool increases the efficiency of simulation development as well as the consistency on simulator training across major model changes.

Various improvements made to the library of MMS modules arose from customer feedback and project development. These improvements include, but are not limited to, enhancements in the generic heat exchanger for matching specification data, updates to the PID controller for control mode selection, support for Methane properties, and a new pipe capable of modeling all 3 modes of heat transfer with dynamic tuning.   These improvements are one of many updates provided to MMS Professionals Program users.

In addition, many new improvements were made to the HMI Kit, a stand-alone development package for creating HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens. The nHance HMI Kit provides users with the ability to create interactive model screens in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET via drag and drop (without programming). The resulting HMI screens communicate natively to MMS, which can then communicate to other systems via OPC, Modbus, or shared memory. New improvements to HMI Kit include live trending widgets, full US/SI units support, and improved faceplates. Live trending allows customers to build their own trend screens with custom colors, plots, scales, and so forth. Full US/SI units support allows users to swap between the two on HMI screens without having to modify the model. The new faceplates now provide enhanced scales and colors while allowing for industrial-standard control modes, such as Auto, Manual, and Cascade.

To deploy these software changes, nHance uses a robust repository-based distributed revision control system, which ensures data integrity while allowing customers to maintain their own work environment. This system is distributed over the nCloud, which provides immediate access to the latest files via the Internet.

nHance Technologies has offered cost-effective solutions with successful results for over 30 years. nHance is not only a vendor, but also “your partner in simulation.” For more information, please visit http://www.nhancetech.com.