Our Product Lines

Dynamic Simulation

There are two major uses of Dynamic Simulation. This product line is for those users using Dynamic Simulation for engineering analysis.

Operator Training Simulators

This product line is for those users using Dynamic Simulation specifically for operator training.

Mobile Solutions

Our Mobile Solutions product line contains applications and e-books designed to be used on mobile platforms.

Engineering Services

In addition to providing products for sale, nHance can perform dynamic simulation studies for customers using our software, or other commercially available simulation software.


We know you have several options in the simulation industry. So why choose nHance Technologies?

01. nHance Cloud

The nHance Cloud website ensures you can choose to stay up to date with the latest version of MMS. In addition, it allows you to synchronize your simulation project with the nHance cloud for backup or support purposes.

02. MMS

Only nHance Technologies can provide the Modular Modeling System, the fully functional dynamic simulation platform that started as an EPRI project. It has been continuously developed for over 30 years.

03. Unique Solutions

nHance identifies each customers needs and recommends solutions to match those needs. We custom design software and solutions if needed, and provide the customers with everything they need to continue to maintain and support the project in the future. We are experts at optimizing your training budget and as a result our solutions provide outstanding training value.

04. Price

At nHance, everyone works on projects. Our overhead is low, and we pass the savings on to you. Think an operator training simulator will cost over $1 million dollars? Think again. Because our overhead is so low, we can offer training simulators for less than half that.